Rossignol EVO XT 60 POSITRACK w Tour Step in Binding

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The Rossignol EVO XT 60 Positrack skis with bindings is one of the best-selling cross-country skis because it's light, gets great glide and is incredibly versatile. These skis are ideal for downhill crossover skiers, or anyone who thinks Nordic skiing is too much work. Soft tips provide enhanced flotation and an almost effortless glide in all snow conditions. These skis are very similar to the Rossignol Evo R-Skin XC 60 Tour skis, except that they have a traditional, time-tested Positrack "Fish-Scale" grip zone instead of a Mohair R-Skin grip zone. The Positrack grip pattern gets great traction and is highly durable, which gives it a slight edge on the R-Skin base for off-track adventures. Due to the active cap, wood core construction, and mid-length design, the Evo XT 60 Positracks are responsive, stable and easy to control. You use can use this ski as a 50/50 on or off-trail ski. Lastly, the Tour Step-In Bindings, which slide onto a pre-mounted Integrated Fixation Plate, (IFP) are intuitive and easy to use. This wide binding plate allows for maximum power transfer to the skis and can be adjusted quickly with no tools. They can be adjusted forward or back based on preference and feel. Not enough glide? Just slide the binding back. Bottom line, the Rossignol Evo XT 60 Positrack skis with Tour step in bindings will offer tremendous performance for premium all-around skiing.

Size Chart:

Ski Size (cm) Recommended Weight (lbs)
165 85-120
175 120-150
185 150-180
195 180+
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