Bicycle Service


Individual Services


Tube Replacement $10
Bike Wash $20
Shift Calibration + Adjustment $12
Brake System Adjustment  $12
Chain Replacement $10
Tubeless Tire Conversion Per Tire $30
Boxed Bike Build Starting at $120
Package Bike for Shipping Starting at $80
Cardboard box for shipping  $10
Shop Labour Rate / Hr $80


Service Packages

Quickie Tune $80

Basic safety and function: Gears, and cables lubricated, critical
fastener torques verified. Adjust headset, brakes, gears, basic wheel true
(on bike) and tire pressure.

Crank it Up! $120

Quickie Tune plus: Complete removal cleaning of drivetrain.
new drivetrain parts installed as required (parts extra), wheels removed
and trued in stand, tires rotated or replaced as required (parts extra) wheel
bearings, Headset and BB adjusted

The Works (without rear suspension) $220

Crank it Up plus: Complete disassembly and servicing/replacement of
headset, BB, hubs and pedals (parts extra) and installation of new shift/
brake cables + housing , grips or bar tape if required (parts extra)

The Works (with rear suspension) $300

Same as above, but also includes the complete disassembly of rear
suspension system and thorough inspection of bearings and pivots, as
well as replacement of any suspension parts as required (parts extra)




Fitting Services

Body Geometry Fitting $60

Saddle X + Y position, saddle angle, handlebar angle, height and stem angle (where
applicable) and position of grips and hand controls.(free of charge with purchase of new bike)

Body Geometry 2D Fitting 60-90mins $145

(by appointment, Triathlon/TT Bikes add $30)

Body Geometry 3D Fitting 2-3hrs $360

(by appointment only)

*All fits are performed by certified Specialized Body Geometry Fit Professional




Accessory Installation

Wireless Computer $20 *

Installation and calibration and testing of computer head unit, and installation of all
sensors and magnets as required

Wired Computer $30 *

Installation and calibration and testing of computer head unit, installation of all
sensors and magnets as required, and the running and concealment of wiring.

Cargo Rack (rear of bicycle) $20 *

Installation of cargo carrier including unique modifications of rack supports to fit your

Full Fender System $25

Installation of fenders front and rear, including modification of front and rear fender
supports to fit unique bicycle geometry. Includes removal and reinstallation of
cargo rack if necessary.


Auto Racks

Hitch Receiver Bicycle Rack $30 *


Rooftop System $60


Spare Tire / Trunk Carrier $40 *

Rooftop Bike Tray or Cargo Carrier only $20 *


* 50% labour discount on installation of select
accessories purchased here at GearHeads