FISCHER Twin Skin Sport IFP Classic

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Enjoy the glide.
It has never been easier to focus more on enjoying a day skiing with family and friends and less on making your equipment work. The XC Efficient Forward skis are designed to provide a smooth, strong kick with less-than-perfect technique while maintaining the great glide of a traditional length ski. Universal Vario Crown or Twin Skin for safe grip even in icy track conditions offer reliable kick. Easy grip and better glide will have you wanting to ski longer, further and more often. Feel the difference!

The easy riding, versatile Twin Skin Sport is ideal for new skiers to enjoy the trails. The Twin Skin strips provide consistent, efficient grip, even on hard and glazed tracks.

Customer benefit:
Versatile design for new skiers
Twin Skin strips provide reliable kick, even on hard tracks
Maximum reduction of icing up

*Binding sold separately*

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