THE WORKS $159.99

“Crank it up” plus complete Disassembly

Bike is disassembled and cleaned

Headset, hubs and bottom bracket overhauled

Cables and Housing replaced (parts extra)

Complete tune-up and drive train cleaning

Handlebars taped/grips changed (parts extra)

Replacement of any worn/broken parts (parts extra)

FULL SUSPENSION BEARING SERVICE-Additional service for bearing overhaul $45 (parts extra)


CRANK IT UP $99.99

“Tune it up” plus thorough drive train clean

Tune it up plus:

Thoroughly clean cranks, chain, cassette and derailleur’s- removed if necessary

Replace any worn/broken parts as necessary (parts extra)


TUNE IT UP $59.99

Get your bike finely tuned and lubricated

“Quickie” plus;

True wheels front and rear –removed from bike

Adjust all bearings

Lube chain and cables

Light cleaning of bike and drive train


QUICKIE $39.99

Get your bike ready for the next ride

Check bicycle for Safety & Function. Tighten hardware.

Pump tires, lube chain/drive train/pivot points, minor adjustments,

Adjust Gears and brakes, true wheels-in frame




Flat repair/Tire Replacement (parts extra)


Adjust Derailleur, front (parts extra)


Replace Derailleur cable front (parts extra)


Replace/Adjust Brake cable


Minor Wheel true (in bike or removed already)


Standard Wheel true


Major Wheel true (w/spoke replacement, spokes not incl.)


Wheel Build, Custom


Package Bike for Shipping (includes standard box)


Install Chain


Install/Remove Cassette/Freewheel


Clean & Lube Drive train


Install Fenders

$20 & up

Install or Remove pedals


Install Cleats (fitting included)


Install Saddle


Bike Build- From Box


Bike Build Custom


Minimum shop charge


Hourly Shop Rate